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Prof. W. Yao and Prof. X.D. Cui’s paper titled ‘Valley polarization in MoS2 monolayers by optical pumping’ was highlighted in Ars Technica.
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Highlight in Ars Technica


*The list contains only the publications affiliating HKU (Physics) or publications by members of our departments (sorted by publication year and the name of the Journal).


  • 101 Resolution of the ATLAS muon spectrometer monitored drift tubes in LHC Run 2
    C.Y. Lo, D.K. Paredes Hernandez, Y.J. Tu, (with The ATLAS collaboration)
    Journal of Instrumentation, Vol.14, P09011:1-36, 2019
  • 102 Electron and photon performance measurements with the ATLAS detector using the 2015–2017 LHC proton-proton collision data
    C.Y. Lo, D.K. Paredes Hernandez, Y.J. Tu, (with The ATLAS collaboration)
    Journal of Instrumentation, Vol.14, P12006:1-70, 2019
  • 103 High-performance UV detectors based on room-temperature deposited amorphous Ga2O3 thin films by RF magnetron sputtering
    S. Han, X.L. Huang, M.Z. Fang, W.G. Zhao, S.J. Xu, D.L. Zhu, W.Y. Xu, M. Fang, W.J. Liu, P.J. Cao, Y.M. Lu
    Journal of Materials Chemistry C, Vol.7(38), 11834-11844, 2019
  • 104 Storage and transfer of optical excitation energy in GaInP epilayer: Photoluminescence signatures
    S.J. Xu, Y. Huang, Z.C. Su, R.X. Wang, J.R. Dong, D.L. Zhu
    Journal of Materials Science & Technology, Vol.35(7), 1364-1367, 2019
  • 105 Point contact bipolar resistive switching observed in transparent ZnMgO/ZnO:Ga heterostructure
    W. Azeem, S.C. Su, L.P. Ho, M. Younas, F. Azad, R. Rashid
    Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics, Vol.30(7), 7080-7086, 2019
  • 106 Anomalous Temperature-Dependent Exciton-Phonon Coupling in Cesium Lead Bromide Perovskite Nanosheets
    X.Z. Lao, Z. Yang, Z.C. Su, Y.T. Bao, J. Zhang, X. Wang, X.D. Cui, M.Q. Wang, X. Yao, S.J. Xu
    The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, Vol.123(8), 5128-5135, 2019
  • 107 Mechanism of Single-Photon Upconversion Photoluminescence in All-Inorganic Perovskite Nanocrystals: The Role of Self-Trapped Excitons
    X.M. Ma, F. Pan, H.Q. Li, P. Shen, C. Ma, L. Zhang, H.B. Niu, Y.Z. Zhu, S.J. Xu, H.G. Ye
    The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, Vol.10(20), 5989-5996, 2019
  • 108 Manipulating Cooper pairs with a controllable momentum in periodically driven degenerate Fermi gases
    Z. Zheng, Z.D. Wang
    Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, Vol.52(7), 075301:1-5, 2019
  • 109 Back-to-back asymmetric Schottky-type self-powered UV photodetector based on ternary alloy MgZnO
    H.Y. Chen, X.Y. Sun, D.S. Yao, X.H. Xie, F.C.C. Ling, S.C. Su
    Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, Vol.50(52), 505112:1-6, 2019
  • 110 Improved Hubbard-I approximation impurity solver for quantum impurity models
    H.H. Qiu, J.N. Zhuang, H. Li, J.Z. Zhao, L. Du
    Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, Vol.31(2), 025601:1-9, 2019
  • 111 Revealing fermionic quantum criticality from new Monte Carlo techniques
    X.Y. Xu, Z.H. Liu, G.P. Pan, Y. Qi, K. Sun, Z.Y. Meng
    Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, Vol.31(46), 463001:1-23, 2019
  • 112 Multifunctional atomic force probes for Mn2+ doped perovskite solar cells
    Y.H. Wu, W. Chen, Z.Y. Wan, A.B. Djurišić, X.Y. Feng, L.Y. Liu, G. Chen, R.C. Liu, Z.B. He
    Journal of Power Sources, Vol.425, 130-137, 2019
  • 113 Pressure-Controlled Structural Symmetry Transition in Layered InSe
    H.M. Su, X. Liu, C.R. Wei, J.N. Li, Z.Y. Sun, Q.Y. Liu, X.F. Zhou, J.H. Deng, H. Yi, Q.Y. Hao, Y.S. Zhao, S.M. Wang, H. Li, S.W. Wu, W.J. Zhang, G.X. Li, J.F. Dai
    Laser & Photonics Reviews, Vol.13(6), 1900012:1-7, 2019
  • 114 Predicting band offset of lattice matched ZnO and BeCdO heterojunction from first principles
    X.J. Liu, J.L. Chen, H. Yin, L. Bai, C.B. Yao, H. Li, H.T. Yin, Y. Wang
    Materials Research Letters, Vol.7(6), 232-238, 2019
  • 115 Electron dynamics in strained graphene
    D.W. Zhai, N. Sandler
    Modern Physics Letters B, Vol.33(28), 1930001:1-35, 2019
  • 116 Clumpy jets from black hole-massive star binaries as engines of fast radio bursts
    S.X. Yi, K.S. Cheng, R. Luo
    Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Vol.483(3), 4197-4201, 2019
  • 117 Circumstellar CO in metal-poor stellar winds: the highly irradiated globular cluster star 47 Tucanae V3
    I. McDonald, M.L. Boyer, M.A.T. Groenewegen, E. Lagadec, A.M.S. Richards, G.C. Sloan, A.A. Zijlstra
    Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Vol.484(1), L85-L89, 2019
  • 118 The central star of planetary nebula PHR 1315 − 6555 and its host Galactic open cluster AL 1
    V. Fragkou, Q.A. Parker, A.A. Zijlstra, R. Shaw, F. Lykou
    Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Vol.484(3), 3078-3092, 2019
  • 119 The semicentennial binary system PSR J2032+4127 at periastron: X-ray photometry, optical spectroscopy, and SPH modelling
    M.J. Coe, A.T. Okazaki, I.A. Steele, S.C.Y. Ng, W.C.G. Ho, A.G. Lyne, B.W. Stappers, T.J. Johnson, P.S. Ray, M. Kerr
    Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Vol.485(2), 1864-1875, 2019
  • 120 A systematic study of soft X-ray pulse profiles of magnetars in quiescence
    C.P. Hu, S.C.Y. Ng, W.C.G. Ho
    Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, Vol.485(3), 4274-4286, 2019