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Nano-Materials for Energy Applications

Speaker:Prof. Zhi-Feng REN
Affiliation:Department of Physics, Boston College, USA
Date:October 8, 2009 (Thu)
Time:5:00-6:30 p.m.
Venue:Lecture Theatre T7, 1/F, Meng Wah Complex Building, HKU


Energy has become an urgent global issue in modern economics and society. Nano-materials refer to materials with scale of nanometers and have many potential applications in mechanical and energy systems due to their special structural and physical properties. In this talk, the speaker will first introduce the energy problem from a scientist’s point of view, and give a broad introduction on nano-materials and their potential applications. The speaker will then discuss three topical areas where nanomaterials can be manufactured at large scale and their potential applications:
1. Manufacturing of carbon nanotubes;
2. A new nanoscale design for potentially high efficiency solar photovoltaic cells; and
3. High performance nanostructured thermoelectric materials for solid-state energy conversion between heat and electricity.


About the Speaker:

Zhi-Feng Ren is a Professor in Physics at Boston College, USA. His research interests includes topics in the thermoelectric energy conversion, solar energy harvesting, carbon nanotubes, field emission, mechanical and thermal properties, piezoelectric properties, and ceramics.



Physics colloquium series is organized to introduce cutting edge researches and new development in physics, designed to be suitable to graduate and undergraduate students, and also to scientists working on different fields. Each colloquium will generally start with an extensive introduction of the background of the field, followed by forefront research topics and results. The colloquium will serve as an education forum for students and laymen alike, and also serve as a platform for exchange and update their knowledge of various branches of physics among academic staff members.