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Astrobiology from the Perspective of Astronomy/Astrophysics

Speaker:Prof. Chung-Ming KO
Affiliation:Department of Physics, National Central University (Taiwan)
Date:January 27, 2010 (Wed)
Venue:Lecture Theatre P3, LG1/F, Chong Yuet Ming Physics Building



Astrobiology is a multidisciplinary field aiming at the origin, evolution, distribution, and the future of life in the universe. A brief overview on this exciting subject will be given, especially on the “astro” part. Some personal selection on this broad area is inevitable. Topics like habitability, life in other planets in our solar system, searching for extrasolar planets, molecules in space, comets and meteorite, the uniqueness of our Earth, extraterrestrial intelligence, etc. will be touched upon.

About the Speaker:

Prof. Ko is an alumni of HKU and he is currently a professor in the National Central University in Taiwan. His research interests include cosmic rays, magnetic fields and interstellar medium.
Physics colloquium series is organized to introduce cutting edge researches and new development in physics, designed to be suitable to graduate and undergraduate students, and also to scientists working on different fields. Each colloquium will generally start with an extensive introduction of the background of the field, followed by forefront research topics and results. The colloquium will serve as an education forum for students and laymen alike, and also serve as a platform for exchange and update their knowledge of various branches of physics among academic staff members.