The Department of Physics, HKU, is housed in Chong Yuet Ming Physics Building on the main campus. It has 19 Faculty Staff, 2 Adjunct Faculty Staff, 3 Teaching Consultants, several Research Assistant Professors, about two dozen of Postdoctoral Fellows and many more Research Associates. There are about 85 Undergraduates and 60 Postgraduate students.
The department is committed to excellence in teaching and research. It runs the major and/or minor undergraduate programs of Astronomy, Math/Physics, Physics, and contribute to teaching of some other interdisciplinary programs, such as Environmental Science. It offers a number of postgraduate projects. Being research-active, the staff of the department engage in frontier researches in the fields of Astrophysics and Astronomy; Theoretical and Experimental Condensed Matter Physics; Materials Sciences; Quantum information and computing; and Health Physics and Environmental Radioactivity, Particle Physics. We incorporate advanced researches in postgraduate and undergraduate teachings.

The department houses a number of state-of-the-art research facilities, including those for material synthesis and epitaxial growth (MBE, laser ablation systems, thermal and e-beam evaporators), for surface and material science studies (STM/AFM, LEED/RHEED, AES/UPS, SEM, XRD), and for electrical and optical characterizations (low-temperature and time-resolved PL/PLE, micro-Raman, probe station, DLTS/DLOS). It also has the essential apparatus for observational astronomy (Telescopes) and an underground laboratory for study of cosmic ray and particle physics.

The department houses Centre of Theoretical and Computational Physics, which conducts active visiting programs, organizes international workshops on frontier topics, and runs Daniel Tsui Fellowship.

The department values collaborative researches and runs a number of joint research programs, such as UGC's Area of Excellence project "Emerging electronics", RGC's Collaborative Research Funds.

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