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Prof. W. Yao and Prof. X.D. Cui’s paper titled ‘Valley polarization in MoS2 monolayers by optical pumping’ was highlighted in Ars Technica.
Highlight in <i>Ars Technica</i>
Highlight in Ars Technica


*The list contains only the publications affiliating HKU (Physics) or publications by members of our departments (sorted by publication year and the name of the Journal).


  • 161 Virial expansion for a three-component Fermi gas in one dimension: The quantum anomaly correspondence
    J. Maki, C.R. Ordóñez
    Physical Review A, Vol.100(6), 063604:1-6, 2019
  • 162 Realizing quantum linear regression with auxiliary qumodes
    D.B. Zhang, Z.Y. Xue, S.L. Zhu, Z.D. Wang
    Physical Review A, Vol.99(1), 012331:1-9, 2019
  • 163 Emulating topological currents arising from a dipolar parity anomaly in two-dimensional optical lattices
    Z. Lin, X.J. Huang, D.W. Zhang, S.L. Zhu, Z.D. Wang
    Physical Review A, Vol.99(4), 043419:1-10, 2019
  • 164 Magnetic Proximity Effect in a van der Waals Moiré Superlattice
    Q.J. Tong, M.X. Chen, W. Yao
    Physical Review Applied, Vol.12(2), 024031:1-11, 2019
  • 165 Emergent symmetry and conserved current at a one-dimensional incarnation of deconfined quantum critical point
    R.Z. Huang, D.C. Lu, Y.Z. You, Z.Y. Meng, T. Xiang
    Physical Review B, Vol.100(12), 125137:1-16, 2019
  • 166 Antiferromagnetism in the kagome-lattice compound alpha-Cu3Mg(OH)(6)Br-2
    Y. Wei, Z.L. Feng, C. dela Cruz, W. Yi, Z.Y. Meng, J.W. Mei, Y.G. Shi, S.L. Li
    Physical Review B, Vol.100(15), 155129:1-6, 2019
  • 167 Local and global patterns in quasiparticle interference: A reduced response function approach
    D.B. Zhang, Q. Han, Z.D. Wang
    Physical Review B, Vol.100(20), 205112:1-10, 2019
  • 168 Impurity-induced resonant states in topological nodal-line semimetals
    T. Zhou, W. Chen, Y. Gao, Z.D. Wang
    Physical Review B, Vol.100(20), 205119:1-6, 2019
  • 169 Spin-orbital entanglement in d8 Mott insulators: Possible excitonic magnetism in diamond lattice antiferromagnets
    F.Y. Li, G. Chen
    Physical Review B, Vol.100(4), 045103:1-9, 2019
  • 170 Dynamics of compact quantum electrodynamics at large fermion flavor
    W. Wang, D.C. Lu, X.Y. Xu, Y.Z. You, Z.Y. Meng
    Physical Review B, Vol.100(8), 085123:1-12, 2019
  • 171 Majorana-Josephson interferometer
    C.A. Li, J. Li, S.Q. Shen
    Physical Review B, Vol.99(10), 100504R:1-6, 2019
  • 172 Detecting competing orders through the edge states in the heterostructures with high-Tc superconductors
    T. Zhou, Y. Gao, Z.D. Wang
    Physical Review B, Vol.99(10), 104517:1-7, 2019
  • 173 Frequency-dependent transport properties in disordered systems: A generalized coherent potential approximation approach
    L. Zhang, B. Fu, B. Wang, Y.D. Wei, J. Wang
    Physical Review B, Vol.99(15), 155406:1-10, 2019
  • 174 Non-Kitaev spin liquids in Kitaev materials
    Y.D. Li, X. Yang, Y. Zhou, G. Chen
    Physical Review B, Vol.99(20), 205119:1-12, 2019
  • 175 Upper branch magnetism in quantum magnets: Collapses of excited levels and emergent selection rules
    C.L. Liu, F.Y. Li, G. Chen
    Physical Review B, Vol.99(22), 224407:1-9, 2019
  • 176 Topological quantum field theory for Abelian topological phases and loop braiding statistics in (3+1)-dimensions
    Q.R. Wang, M. Cheng, C.J. Wang, Z.C. Gu
    Physical Review B, Vol.99(23), 235137:1-12, 2019
  • 177 Double-peak specific heat and spin freezing in the spin-2 triangular lattice antiferromagnet FeAl2Se4
    K.K. Li, S.F. Jin, J.G. Guo, Y.P. Xu, Y.X. Su, E.X. Feng, Y. Liu, S.Q. Zhou, T.P. Ying, S.Y. Li, Z.Q. Wang, G. Chen, X.L. Chen
    Physical Review B, Vol.99(5), 054421:1-8, 2019
  • 178 Valley filtering effect of phonons in graphene with a grain boundary
    X.B. Chen, Y. Xu, J. Wang, H. Guo
    Physical Review B, Vol.99(6), 064302:1-9, 2019
  • 179 Folding approach to topological order enriched by mirror symmetry
    Y. Qi, C.M. Jian, C.J. Wang
    Physical Review B, Vol.99(8), 085128:1-29, 2019
  • 180 Observation of a μs isomer in 13449In85: Proton-neutron coupling “southeast” of 13250Sn82
    J.J. Liu, (with Observation of a μs isomer collaboration)
    Physical Review C, Vol.100(1), 011302R:1-6, 2019