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New Matter and Phenomena under High Energy Density

Speaker:Prof. Xian-Tu He
Affiliation:Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics and Center for Applied Physics and Technology, Beijing University
Date:April 13, 2010 (Tue)
Venue:Lecture Theatre T7, 1/F, Meng Wah Complex



Modern techniques such as intense lasers have provided the possibility to study new matters and new phenomena under the extreme condition of high energy density, where the pressure could be higher than 1 million bar. In this talk, an introduction to this field and various examples of the matters under high energy density will be presented. The frontier topics of the phase diagrams and the production of new matters, and the properties of the degenerate matter will be discussed.

About the Speaker:

• Member, the Chinese Academic of Science
• Member, Executive Committee of Presidium of Academic Division, 2004-2006
• Director of Academic Division of Math. & Phys., Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2004-2006
• Director, Center for Applied Physics and Technology, Beijing University
• Deputy Director, Inst. Appl. Phys. & Computational Math., Beijing (1988-97)
• His research interests include high energy density physics, laser fusion physics and non-linear science.
• Long time in charge of China’s national laser fusion project.
Physics colloquium series is organized to introduce cutting edge researches and new development in physics, designed to be suitable to graduate and undergraduate students, and also to scientists working on different fields. Each colloquium will generally start with an extensive introduction of the background of the field, followed by forefront research topics and results. The colloquium will serve as an education forum for students and laymen alike, and also serve as a platform for exchange and update their knowledge of various branches of physics among academic staff members.